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25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Sport and relax

ŠumavaŠumava countryside attracts visitors in every season. Just open your eyes and look around.

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Cross-country skiing around Kleť Mountain

25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Sport and relax

běžkyNature of the terrain Blanský forest, his exceptionally valuable natural environment and landscape with a number of cultural monuments, creating ideal conditions for physical recreation - especially in the winter for ski touring.

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Revolving auditorium

25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Entertainment

otáčivé hledištěRevolving auditorium Czech Krumlov is more than half a century an important and globally unique and representative of natural theater with original design and use of scenic space.

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South Bohemian Theatre

25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Entertainment

Jihočeské divadloThe place where the historic building of the South Bohemian Theatre stands is one of the oldest historical part of town Czech Budejovice.

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