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Castle Landštejn

25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Tips for trips

LandštejnLandštejn Castle is one of the best preserved examples of medieval fortification system. The oldest part of the castle with a Romanesque palace built between two defensive towers is unique in the Czech Republic.

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Castle Nové Hrady

25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Tips for trips

Nové HradyThe Gothic castle was already mentioned in writing 1279 the castle was from the late 13th century until the early 20th century held many prominent aristocratic families, the lords of Hrad, the lords of Landštejn, the lords of Rosenberg, Švamberks and Buquoy that took care of numerous alterations of the castle.

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Castle Rožmberk nad Vltavou

25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Tips for trips

RožmberkRosenberg Castle, one of the oldest castles in South Bohemia, is the dominant of the same village. It was built later around the mid-13th century.

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Castle Třeboň

25. 11. 2011 Horváthová Ivana Tips for trips

TřeboňThe Renaissance chateau of Rosenberg, Švamberk and Schwarzenberg, situated around a square courtyard, surrounded by an English park, with its area belongs among the largest Bohemian castle complexes.

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